Play is the work of a child

Cosy gameplay

Our company takes its name from the renowned volcano, Pinatubo, ​where 'Pinatubo' signifies 'to grow', aligning with the core objective of ​our gameplay. Through our game, children will have the opportunity ​to explore, create, learn, and cooperate with both parents and ​friends.

We are using Unreal Engine to create a living, breathing world that far ​surpasses today's mainstream kids' games in terms of visuals, ​technical quality, and captivation. It's a world where kids can have ​fun, feel smart, and where parents can track and applaud their ​children's accomplishments.


Anna Haeger Kastensson, Founder & CEO


Göran Syberg Falguera, Founder & CTO


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Pinatubo Interactive AB

c/o Alma

Nybrogatan 8

114 34 Stockholm

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